Business Marketing

All business owners should have a complete and best online presence if they are looking to build their business using the Internet. Having just the website will not cut it matter what you think unless you are Google themselves.

The benefit of building a complete online presence will give you a much more vast array of clients from a variety of places such as blogs, social media, YouTube views and forums.

Many people believe that just having a website will increase your business or having a fancy Facebook page get you tons of people walking through the door. The fact the matter is unless you advertise those using a network of other sites online your odds increasing business from those things are worse than expecting the New York Jets to ever win a Super Bowl again.

For instance let’s discuss marketing your business using videos.

You would want a quality video made that reflects some of your products and services and you would want the title of the video to be tied to your business brand or to a particular product or service your marketing. In the description of the video you would want several hundred words at the very least describing your business or service in a way that will give people a desire to go to your website or your Facebook page.

In the description, early on, you would want a link to your website or your Facebook page so that people would not have to read the entire description should they not want to. Typically, a YouTube subscriber, does not bother reading an entire description but rather jumps to a link is a link for them to click. The benefit of the description, though, is several fold.

First off you want description therefore the guy that does read the entire thing. Sure, that is a small part of the YouTube video watching crowd but it is a part so you want to cater to them to some degree.

Secondly you want the description in your video to show to Google and the other search engines. One of the search engines happens to be YouTube’s internal search engine that you need to cater to in order to get your video to show up early and often in the searches that people do when looking for the kinds of things to offer. Your description is a large part of how that would work.

Thirdly, it is important that your video gets views. That might sound simplistic but without views your video is just sitting there looking like a book end and without the functionality of a book end. If your description and your title do not reflect what you offer and do not show up in the searches you will not get any views and your time marketing that way will be a waste.

So take these thoughts in mind and consider what is best for your business as to how you market online as you do not want to waste the easiest ways to build the business and have your business increase exponentially via a passive method after everything is all set up.